Upcoming Events

Registration for 2019-2020

Starts on Wednesday, January 2

We are currently registering students for the 2019-2020 school year. Spaces are filled on a first come, first served basis and fill up quickly. If you are interested in registering your child, please call us at 717-432-2155 or email at:

Parent Orientation

Starts on Wednesday, September 4

Parent Orientation - Wednesday, September 4 - Monday-Wednesday-Friday classes - 6:00 pm; Tuesday-Thursday classes - 7:30 pm

Student Open House

Starts on Thursday, September 5

Thursday, September 5 - Open House for all Tuesday-Thursday students; Friday, September 6 - Open House for all Monday-Wednesday-Friday students. Each class is scheduled for a specific time. Letters will be mailed July 24 with your child's scheduled open house time.

First Day of School

Starts on Monday, September 9

Monday, September 9 - First day of school for all Monday-Wednesday- Friday classes.
Tuesday, September 10 - First day of school for all Tuesday-Thursday classes.